Holistic Vibrational Therapies at Rising Sun Therapies.

Holistic Vibrational Therapies

Everything in the universe is made up of energy and vibration.

When we feel low and lacking in lustre, the chances are our unique vibration is out of balance and this can cause dis-ease for mind, body and spirit.

Sacred BlossOm Holistic Vibrational Therapies aims to restore you back into harmony through a range of gentle and non-invasive approaches, accessible to all.

As a Suara Sound Therapist and Soul Midwife I am guided to work with Sacred Sound and essential oil frequencies in a very ancient and holistic way. I work intuitively with a variety of beautiful instruments and sacred oils (including Suara Sound tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, 28” gong, swing chimes, medicine drum, percussion, voice and essential oils). My sessions aim to release past traumas, remove energy blockages and unlock your Devine potential. Inducing theta brain states important for creative thinking, stress and anxiety reduction, better sleep and importantly allowing our bodies own unique self-healing response to be initiated. 

It is also where our true authenticity lies. Where we can find our connection to the universe, commune with the Devine and align to our true soul path.

Sophie Rowe

Hands being held in a supportive way.

Sophie Rowe

Benefits of sound therapy have been shown to extend out beyond session times, and regular treatments can prolong the benefits, leading to greater health and well-being outcomes. 

Blossom into your sacred self and book your discovery session for Holistic Vibrational Therapies with me.